Tending to the Inner Landscape

photo: Adelaide Shalhope

Excerpt from a journal entry of 30 May, 2010 that I happened upon today and wanted to share:

I feel a sort of melancholy today. A yearning for some sort of connection with my own work and that familiar feeling of separation from myself after so much traveling. I'm happy to be here on my own in the studio. This peaceful place - a refuge from clutter of mind, of spirit. A sacred space. 

I just simply want to be able to replenish and receive today. To both empty and fill the well. To listen and then act. Lots of information comes in and as I sit quietly here it has a place to settle as well as dissipate.

I realize that so much of what I worry about - what is said, done, happens or doesn't - is all completely inconsequential in the long run. Worrying does not create. Worry dampens the spirits. 

Don't let worry dampen your spirit.


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