The Joy of Being a Beginner

I've been taking an abstract painting class at the Glasgow School of Art for the past month.  Although I've played around with paint here and there over the years, paint is not my medium.

It's exhilarating learning something new, as well as humbling -- experiencing the awkwardness of not knowing what I'm doing and the frustrations this brings up that I must lean into in order to see something interesting emerge. Lots of bad art is being produced. Fantastic.

I love the sense of immediacy of working with paint. You just have to commit and dive in. Don't think too much and don't make it too precious. What is wanting to express itself has waited around long enough and is desperate to get to the surface.

Just get out of its way and let it get on with it.


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    1. Hi Mo, sorry just checked in on the blog and saw your comment. I'm not sure how brave I am, but facing the fear of something unknown through paint exploration is very therapeutic!


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