Wholeness Is

Blossoms 1 and 2 
Adelaide Shalhope 

I often find this time of the year to be a real test of patience. Spring is sort of here. The rhubarb in my garden has lovely green and burgundy coloured shoots, daffodils are starting blossom, there are growing iris shoots which will soon be taking over the entire pond, proudly flaunting their deep purpleness.

It's grey and rainy.

My mood right now is much the same, truth be told. Spring is sort of here. My own creative energies blossom in increments but then recede back into the bud. I try not to feel the 'stuckness' of this process. I try to remember that these feelings will change and then...

It's grey and rainy.

These are the times when I must be gentle with myself and acknowledge that my own deep colours are always here, even if they don't have the energy right now to burst forth.

I recently discovered this beautiful poem by Tara Sophia Mohr and with another few days of rain in the forecast it is just what I needed to read.

Wholeness Is

“Beyond the cackling of the birds
and all the fighting, and all the noise-
What else is there?
The oak tree’s heart, which says:
Glory is. Wholeness is.
And unavoidably, my dear, you are part of it.

Problemlessness. I know- you couldn’t hear it before,
but I’m asking you now – to go inside the oak,
and wait-

till your heart is wrenched by its love
and you see no need for language

till your hands are cupped receiving
and everything comes to you baked in lovesilence
There is no name for what enters you then.
Everything is a red sun rising
and everywhere an infinite grace before you

Then there is no name for what you become-
like love, like the mountain.”


  1. such beautiful words and images Adelaide, as you move into the fresh new greens of spring we drift in the letting go-ness of autumn here in the Land Down Under

  2. I love the 'full circle-ness' of that, Mo. The living cycle of the earth that we get to experience together from opposite sides of the globe.


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