All Aboard the Good Ship Lollypop

For almost a month, I've been unable to work in my studio due to necessary re-decorating. During this time I've been mostly content creating small paper collages and working in my sketchbook. Recently, however, I've delved into the world of Photoshop. Normally I don't do much to the photographs I take. I like to try to capture the natural essence of what I see, with, perhaps, a tweak in the contrast or an adjustment to the brightness. Otherwise what you see is what you get.

Photoshop has opened up a new world of play, and has frankly become a bit of an addiction.  I've perched myself in front of my computer and poured through loads of my photographs, editing them with different effects. Difference clouds! Accented edges! Dry brush! The immediacy of the result has been intoxicating.

This has been a very different way for me to work. When in my studio, I tend to explore more deeply. An idea may be quick, but often the combinations of materials must sit and rest. They must germinate and articulate. They must slowly take root.

I'm quite fond of the images I've created in Photoshop and I'm sure I'll incorporate this process into my practice. I've had great fun seeing what wants to be tweaked, enhanced, darkened, or drawn on, but I'm now having a little bit of the feeling that I've been living on a moving ship and eating cake for every meal. A little buzzed from all the sugar, slightly disconnected from my own body, and rather far away from home.


  1. the gee whizz factor of Photoshop is fun but the best photos are still raw straight out of the camera because they are the closest thing to your sensitive eyes!

  2. From time to time I try to figure out more about Photoshop.. just enough to not get very far... I would like to be able to do more there.. but I always get back to my paintings and collage... your images are wonderful.

    1. Thank you, Donna. It's useful to have another tool at one's disposal, if nothing else to shake one's self up!....and to realise the value of the work we already do. Your paintings and collage are wonderful and because they come from your own hand they reflect your natural sensitivity.


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