Girl Becomes Sea

Moss and fiber. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

I'm continuing to respond to the resonance I feel with the sea.

 Rope, lichen, rock. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

How wo(man) made objects find themselves in an intimate relationship with the elements, gently and continuously worn away by rain, wind, and saltwater to be transformed and then integrated into the environment.

Fiber and rock. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

I'm reminded that being human we are not only dependent upon nature but that over time we will return to it, as we should, lest we forget that we, too, are simply animals, of and from this very beautiful planet we call our home.


  1. Beautiful sentiments. I love the textures in your photography.


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