Thursday, June 13, 2013

Girl Becomes Sea

Moss and fiber. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

I'm continuing to respond to the resonance I feel with the sea.

 Rope, lichen, rock. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

How wo(man) made objects find themselves in an intimate relationship with the elements, gently and continuously worn away by rain, wind, and saltwater to be transformed and then integrated into the environment.

Fiber and rock. Norway, 2013. (photo by Adelaide Shalhope)

I'm reminded that being human we are not only dependent upon nature but that over time we will return to it, as we should, lest we forget that we, too, are simply animals, of and from this very beautiful planet we call our home.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Floating to the Surface

photos: Adelaide Shalhope

I've been a woman of few words, lately. Images I've been collecting with my camera seem quite enough language for me right now, yet each time I post and then view them I sense the surfacing of a more cohesive visual [and perhaps written] story -- the inner world quietly and harmoniously connecting with the outward environment.

These thoughts synthesised for me after reading Abigail Doan's recent posting  'Archaeology and Surfacing' where she very thoughtfully writes:

say that now is the time to drift all that we need to in order to anchor ourselves to something textured and resilient that was probably right under the surface all along. Loop back if you need to, and do not worry about the slow crafting agenda. It's not the tempo that ultimately matters, but the ability to recognize which layers propel us forward and backwards in uniquely transformative waves

I like the idea of drifting with my own images and ideas.  I can't see the full story, but perhaps it will only ever be revealed to me in layers, which as Abigail writes may be just under the surface and lay undiscovered until just the right time.

Saturday, June 1, 2013