The Outside World

Like most of us, I draw much inspiration from the work of others. It's fantastic to see how artists combine materials, create compositions, use colour, etc. --in essence, how they see the world through their work.  I also, however, get to the point, quite often, when I have to STOP looking at the work of others. I need to stop searching the internet for images that I think may trigger some idea that is already very present within ME.

I love how David Bayles and Ted Orlando capture this in their book Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking:

Most of us spend most of our time in other peoples' worlds -- working at predetermined jobs, relaxing to pre-packaged entertainment -- and no matter how benign this ready-made world may be, there will always be times when something is missing or doesn't quite ring true. And so you make your place in the world by making part of it -- by contributing some new part to the set. And surely one of the more astonishing rewards of artmaking comes when people make time to visit the world you have created. Some, indeed, may even purchase a piece of your world to carry back and adopt as their own. Each new piece of your art enlarges our reality. The world is not yet done.

I hope some of my work may inspire you to follow that idea that is following (and wanting to catch!) you so that you may continue to make your place in the world and contribute to, and enlarge, ours.


  1. very inspiring as always Adelaide, love the potential shimmering in your collection of raw black, white & shades of silver...

    1. Thank you Mo. All those colours and textures together are sumptuous, aren't they?


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