As I move forward with my creative practice I continue to deviate from my quilting and stitching roots. I still, however, have piles of textiles I worked with years ago when a full-time quilter. I consider it my challenge, and my pleasure, to continue to use them, but in more unusual ways.

So, lots of lovely silks are being cut and torn up around here these days.

I still sometimes feel uncomfortable with this new, non quilter/stitcher way of working --much less self confident that I used to, but I'm learning to find comfort in the unknown and I'm learning to get out of my way and to listen to what my eye and the fabrics want from me. 

It's an ongoing struggle and one for which I am grateful, for through it I'm able to fully experience what it feels like when I finally let go and (hopefully) I learn each time that the struggle ultimately doesn't need to be there.

As for the silks, they don't seem to care. They're quite content to be in whatever form they're in.



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