Spring in the Studio

Before Easter I experienced a bit of cabin fever, most likely having something to do with the 83 cms of snow we had over a two week period, producing an even more interior mode than usual. Whatever the reason, I had the need to create a shift of energy in my workspace. 

No more plodding along like one needs to do when over knee deep in snow. Move with abandon!  I spontaneously tacked small bits of old work samples to the walls. I didn't care where they went or what they looked like. I simply needed to see everything up and to experience a certain sense of release.

Now, even though there are still metres of snow all around, there is definitely a distinct feel of Spring in the air. I can hear the incessant 'drip, drip' of ice as it melts off the house, and more birdsong than usual. Faint bits of green are appearing at the tops of trees as buds begin to make a slow hint at opening.

I'm feeling more of a sense of calm in my work as I continue to experiment. The explosion of small bits was removed and in its place a more organised visual emerges - an almost japanese aesthetic, which seems to suit my process right now.


  1. love seeing your working wall!

  2. totally agree with mo crow:
    i LOVE seeing your working wall!!



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