More News From the Nest

Now that my studio is beginning to fill with many of my small mixed media pieces, I've been having a real desire to create a larger textile work.

Truth be told, lately I'm a little intimidated when I begin to think about working on a larger scale. It's been years since I've done a big textile piece. Large scale projects, many years ago, were mapped out. Sketches were drawn up and colours and fabrics were chosen. There was certainly the unknown in the process and I adjusted as I went along, but projects were much more organised and pre-designed, then. I just can't work that way anymore. Don't ask me why, it just happened. My work now relies upon moment by moment intuition, which is probably why it feels easier to create small, spontaneous 'experiments'.

So, I'm plucking up my courage. I'm taking my process slowly, step, by intuitive step. I'm starting small but plentiful. Lots of little woolen cocoons, as they appear to be, and from these, something with large and hopefully beautiful wings will grow.


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