A Walk Around the Lake

Those who know me know I love to walk. There is no better way to 'circulate energy' than to leave the house (most importantly!) and get out for at least an hour. Walk. Think. Don't think. Walk through personal issues, creative issues, get AHA! moments. Just walk. Breathe. Look around. Walk.

I'm lucky to be able to do this these days in a beautiful setting. The past few years I've been here in Tromsø in the summertime and I've made a point to walk around the small lake at the top of the island. In the winter, it is just as magical and as I walk I hear the crunch, crunch, creak, of the snow underfoot and in the distance can hear the swoosh swoosh of cross country skiers as they make their way along the surface of the snow covered ice.

Today there were no particular AHA! moments, but my mood was boosted and some creative ideas got to take a lovely walk around the lake.


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