A Place to Rest One's Head

This combination of fabrics has been through several transformations over the past months. I've cut it from quite a large rectangle into smaller squares. Several of those squares have been dipped in wax (that piece is still in progress). Several more got rolled into tubular shapes and then unrolled because they just didn't feel right.

After several weeks of tinkering, tampering, pondering, even placating, this wool and silk combination has finally found its home. Simple 'pillows' eased gently next to one another.

Perhaps after all the fuss what was needed was simply a place to rest one's head.


  1. Thank you. It felt good to 'get back' to working purely with textiles and hand stitching/felting for this piece.

  2. isn't it strange how we tend to "complicate things" instead of turning to the simple things that we often need but don't prioritize...like resting ones head...or letting go...or taking a "break" from beeing strong and effective all the time and allow ourself to maybe lean against another for a little while...

    i LOVE your cushions! find myself kind of stressed in the mind these days so i think my head would have had a good time resting on one of them : )


  3. Soooo satisfying when the "yes!" comes, isn't it? And it usually is when we let things just simply be and get all the fussiness out of the way. (But I always seem to have to fuss a lot first...

    Karen Anne

  4. Less fuss, more yes....this may be my mantra for a while.....!


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