Information Box

This morning, for some reason, I've chosen to rummage through what I like to call the 'information box' --a storage container in which I keep projects that didn't quite go anywhere and pieces of textiles I've used to test out new techniques which were less than successful.

Some of these bits I throw away immediately but many of them I keep because sometimes they provide interesting information. I don't look through the box very often but when I do it's sort of a strange trip down memory lane. I see the ways I innocently and earnestly tried something new, and even though they didn't quite work out at the time, I can see now how I've more masterfully incorporated the techniques into my practice.

It's a visual representation of humility and I think that's an important box to look in every once in a while.


  1. You could rename it 'creativity' because without that you wouldn't even have a box like this and who knows - in going back through it you might find a brand new use for something.


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