Travel Journal

Like many artists, I would imagine, when I travel I bring along a small 'stash' of art supplies. In my case, small scraps of fabrics, various colours of thread, some beads and bits of high-quality art paper.

Before I leave my studio, I choose my materials swiftly so as to not over think the process. Several medium size zip-lock plastic baggies do the trick.

Each morning while I'm away (these few weeks in Norway) I sit with my bags of goodies before me and gently let a meditative 'sketch' guide itself. They're quite simple - no need for complexities - and as I continue to create them they are reminding me of a child's scrapbook of small creatures collected while on holiday.

They feel like a lovely conversation between what I have brought to this beautiful place and what this beautiful place has inspired me to bring back home.


  1. Your sketches are wonderful. Love the textures and stitches.

  2. I should just buy stock in the baggies company. Yes, I do the same thing - right down to grabbing things quickly so as not to launch into full-blown thinking and planning. Last week, when I arrived at my destination and realized that I'd left the bag of goodies behind, there was momentary panic, then I simply found something else and carried on. These creations of yours are quite lovely.

  3. Oh, I so agree that a few bags of 'favorites' tucked in the suitcase are a must - and my next special thing is to try to collect bits and pieces wherever I am traveling. Sometimes I come home with a whole collection of rocks - having to discard a piece of clothing or such to make room in my bag!

  4. Such exquisite little treasures. I really admire the simplicity and detail you have achieved here. Beautiful stitches!

  5. I think working simply, for me, is always the most 'truthful' I love the process of hand stitching and am continuing to find ways to use the stitch as its own 'mark' --no need for much else, really! It is always fun, as well, to have some interesting parameters - like limited materials while travelling, and then, of course, like you mention Jeanne, and Penny, the realisation that you really do have all you need, or will find it along the way!


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