Behind the Scenes

This past month I've spent quite a lot of time finishing things up. Textile projects that have been on the brink of completion finally made it across the finish line, and after what feels like years of sorting within my own head, I've finally created a website. It's simple, which I like, and more importantly, it's up! Please stop by and take a look --the link is now in the 'Find Me Here' section on the blog.

I'm still getting the hang of photographing my work using some new studio lighting --hotspots, shadows, and general 'flatness' of the textile pieces will continue to be my 'creative problem' for a while, but what artist shies away from a creative problem? Tips from those of you photographically inclined are welcomed!

I like the fact that I've finally found a a way that I can create a website myself. It's taken me longer than I might have liked, but as I consistently try tell myself about many things in life.......

All things in their own time.


  1. LOVE your website - especially the page with pictures of your work. Seeing it all together is wonderful. Congratulations!

    1. Thank you so much, Penny. It feels good to me to see it all together as well. It will be a nice project to continue to work on. I'm sure it will grow and change many times!


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