Burn This

Oh, the rhythm of creativity is an interesting phenomenon. Things can sit on a shelf for months, like the pink silk 'blossoms' I began many moons ago, and then, BOOM! Like a match being struck (literally in this case) the eureka moment occurs. 

I can't pinpoint what made me think to set light to this work, but when it hit, I knew it must happen immediately. Where are the matches?! Will the lighter we use to start the gas cooker work better?! I know, walk around the corner to B&Q and buy a fire lighter, NOW!

Standing over the kitchen sink with flames bursting from my small silk pieces was the most fun I've had with my work in a while. Perhaps it was because there was a slight element of danger involved or maybe it was the thrill of the burst of a new idea in action.

Whatever. It was a combustible, creative combination. :)


  1. Wonderful results!! Isn't it fun when a 'risky' idea turns out to work beautifully!

    1. It's always a treat when it works out, because there are certainly times when it doesn't!


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