Taking Shape

As is often the case with me and my work, I've stumbled into something. I wasn't looking and fell right into it. My favourite process, really. It's a simple start, but as I quite often contest, those simple steps, when walked consistently, can lead you into interesting new territories.

Last year, I created a machine and hand embellished cotton gauze rectangle. After it sat around for a quite a while I cut it up into 8 squar-ish pieces. Those pieces have been hanging around for months, waiting patiently, with me giving them intermittent attention but no real action.

Last week, I noticed them, and they got dipped in encaustic medium and have been sitting around as waxed squares -- a little dazed and confused. Today they got stuck on the wall in a messy grouping because I've just been desperately trying to get out of 'square' mode. Then, not sure how it happened (kind of like a cavewoman rubbing two sticks together to create fire) I took a square off the wall and rolled it up (ugga!). I took the rest of the squares off the wall and rolled them up (ugga! ugga!).

So here they are, rolled up and ready for the next step.

They're still a little dazed and confused, but at least they're helping me realise that the world isn't flat.


  1. well aren't these fun. (that's not really a question.) i find it the most exhilarating and, at the same time, frustrating experience to keep moving while waiting patiently. always rewarding, though. i'll give it that.

    1. Jeanne, I agree. It takes a great amount of faith, I think. We're so programmed to need to 'know' all the time that we forget to enjoy the mystery of the process.


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