Simplicity, Silence, Solitude, and Repetition

I know the title of this post may sound like a nightmare to many people, but to me, it continues to be the grounding force of my work. I certainly get excited when I discover new tools, new materials, and interesting techniques that bring forth a burst of energy, and I'll continue to work in this way. There is, however, nothing more gratifying than returning to the quiet act of the simple stitch over and over again and the simple manipulation of a beautiful textile.

I say gratifying because it reminds me to be grateful; to be appreciative of the small, often less than noticeable things, moments, and people, in this life.  This way of working reminds me to pay heed to the fact that it is the small, repetitive gestures that build the large and the lasting, whether it be a work of art, a marriage, a home, a garden, a community.

Show up.
Be present.
Be patient.
Do the work.

Beauty arises.


  1. perfectly said. i stitch for the same reasons as you and because sometimes my hands are smarter and better able to figure things out than my brain. go figure . . .

  2. I find that trusting the brain is often highly over rated! Let the fingers do the talking....


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