Getting in Deeper

Things are getting interesting around here. I had a surge of 'mad scientist' yesterday and decided to get really experimental.

What was originally one of my silk neckpieces has now become a small relief sculpture on paper.

After needle punching and ripping areas of the silk, I dipped random sections in hot beeswax. Once that dried I then dipped other random sections in tea.

The tea stained sections turned out too to be too dark so I gently poured strong bleach over those. I wasn't sure what the outcome would be. As it turns out strong bleach eats away silk - a very interesting visual result (just pay heed if you try this on a favorite blouse).

I've been longing to go deeper into what I can do with the textiles but have felt a certain trepidation about how to go about it. For some reason I've not given myself permission and have been clinging on to some old ways of being, of working. Or, perhaps I'm just slow.

Whatever the reason, I'm so glad I found a fearless moment and took the plunge.

The deeper the better.


  1. The result is beautiful. Dive deeper! :)

    1. Thank you Kit! What a treat when experiments work in ways that continue to encourage the next dive:)

  2. this is so beautiful Adelaide! your work is speaking to me very strongly to me this morning as I just dyed some silk scrim yesterday with some leaves and bark from the gum tree across the road and it came out too dark, I was thinking of trying bleach... will go very cautiously!


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