The Art of Being Lost

I have a penchant for long, solitary, walks. Not just walks to exercise my body but walks to relax and open my powers of observation, to strengthen my awareness, and to satisfy my heartfelt need to wander.

I was in Bergen, Norway, the past few days. It's a lovely city. Perfect for wandering.


As I meandered through the historic streets and the nearby hills I continued to encounter randomly lost textiles. 

I began to feel a strange resonance with these items. It was as though being lost enabled them to experience life on their own after having been separated from what they were supposed to be.

I really like this notion --that if we allow ourselves to be lost in this way we're then able to experience our own path -- and perhaps receive a bit of surprising guidance along the way.


  1. A beautiful post. I am also struck by the poetic quality of these lost/found items punctuating the landscape.

  2. Thank you Hannah. I love how your work so naturally emerges from the connection with your walks in the woodlands. I was also struck by your 'stickers'. While in Bergen I had a similar thought to do some small textile pieces and leave them in an urban setting. Perhaps we might someday collaborate on something....just a thought.


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