Out With the New In With the Done

In reflecting upon 2011 I feel pretty good that I began a fair number of projects. I taught myself several new techniques and experimented in ways that were, for the most part, more successful than not in their incarnations.

I now, however, find myself sitting in my studio at the beginning of 2012 looking at this fair number of uncompleted projects and they, in turn, are sitting and looking back at me -- and some of them are starting to pointedly grumble that they're not done.

For some reason, I find the experimental stage of the process so much easier than the completion stage -- and I'm sure I'm not alone. Something about the letting go-ness of things maybe? Or perhaps it's that I have to accept that they are what they are as they are and must let the world see them too?  I'm not quite sure, but lest I continue to self psychoanalyze in this public setting, I will simply say that I'm going to finish these lovely bits of work this year.

Maybe with each project I complete it will become easier and easier.


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