Connecting with the Mystery

Linen, silk, vintage seed pearls. Hand and machine stitched 

Like many artists, I keep a handwritten journal. Daily entries help me to gently uncover personal insights, encourage creative musings, and placate general frustrations. I rarely actually re-read my journal, but every once in a while I feel the desire to revisit 'myself' so I flip through past entries. I often discover interesting threads - ideas that I've been nurturing for years - that provide helpful information for my ever growing textile projects.

Small daily creations often serve the same purpose for me. Like a journal, they allow thoughts and musings to manifest, and each time I look back at them I see a little part of myself -- a part that is continuing to grow and reveal itself in unexpected ways.

This small linen and silk piece was done several years ago and I always appreciate its presence because it brings me back to why I create textile art in the first place. It is a simple labour of love that silently connects me (and hopefully those who see it) with this mysterious journey we call life.


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