Needle In. Needle Out.

Yesterday was one of those days when after several cumulated hours of effort and general failed attempts at a new project an idea easily fell into place. I'm even able envision the completed project, which believe me, doesn't happen all that often these days.

It's a strange feeling to see where a project is most likely going to end up and to know that the process of getting there is going to take hours and hours of slow detailed work. Hand stitching, for some reason, is my chosen technique, or rather the technique that has chosen me, and try as I might to figure out a way of creating in a faster, 'more efficient' way, my project is having none of it.

So I'm doing the work and taking the time that is necessary. Shortcuts, although they have their place, aren't always the solution. Sometimes slow is just the WAY.

Enjoy it and see what comes of it.


wool, silk chiffon, cotton thread. Needle felted and hand in progress. 


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