Untaming the Tame

It was a phrase that spontaneously came into my mind the other day while sitting quietly in the studio. It was a rectangular piece of upholstery weight silk which has never quite inspired me --too domestic --too 'interior decorator.'

Like so many things in process, I'm not quite sure where it's going, if it's finished, etc. but I can rest assured that it no longer is the bland neglected silk it once was.

Thought and creative practice converging as they will.


  1. way to go....now it might make you inspired to take this interesting piece further...xlynda

  2. Thanks Lynda. Yes, we'll see! It may need to sit around for a bit and ponder it's next steps....

  3. thanks for visiting my blogxxlynda

  4. I love the green stitching. It reminds me of moss.

  5. That's what I was sub-conciously aiming for....glad you picked up on it :)


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