Going with the Flow II

Today I finally set aside time to do a full day's artwork. Bills paid, house clean(ish), loads of laundry done, etc. In general lots of household things that needed tending to were taken care of and I felt clear to really delve in.

I was even ready to incorporate, if not mentally put aside, the noise of the hammers the workmen were wielding to repair our roof. My studio is on the top floor of our house and they are working directly outside my window and above my space.

So, while busily working away - noise relatively under control - I began to feel small bits of plaster and large chunks of very old paint falling on my head and began to see them falling all around my desk. Urgh..... Eeeek...... Stop!

Victorian house. Top floor directly under the roof. Paint and plaster are likely to crumble, and I must admit I too felt a little bit like crumbling. What happened to my art day? What happened to my tranquil, creative space? Why me?

The best thing to do in those 'why me' moments? Move the projects to a safe part of the studio, transplant yourself in another room in the house. Take a moment to create your new space and get on with it.

Just try to go with the flow.

Textile piece: 10"x10" linen, velvet, silk


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