Out of the Box and Up the Wall

I'm pleased to say that I have a fresh perspective on my work. Up to now, I've found it quite necessary to complete pieces in such a way that they are neat and organized, usually within some sort of a frame - whether it be an actual frame, or a quilt a pillow, etc. Thanks to my artist friend, Erin, I've realized this 'aint' the only way to go.

I've tried for weeks to figure out how to finish these leaves....put them on a bed panel? In a quilt? Frame them? Nope. They're done and happily climbing their way up a wall in my studio (next step in an exhibition!)

Sometimes joy just can't be self contained. :)


  1. what a great solution! I love them against that wall finish :)

  2. Thank you:) I do too. I like that the photo itself looks a little like a book illustration. An accident!


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