Little Unexpected Gifts

Lots of what I'm working on currently is, to be honest, a bit painstaking. Not painful, mind you, but very time consuming, intricate and slow. I don't mind this kind of work. It's a meditative practice. Needle in. Needle out. It just means that each piece takes a while to complete.

Every once in a while, though, I get a little gift of creative immediacy. Yesterday afternoon was just such a time. 

While looking for something in a long forgotten box, a small piece of wood looked up and said 'hello!'  I picked it up, looked up from the box and a small wax covered cotton leaf, stuck of its own accord to the side of a bookcase, chimed in. 'May I join you?' Of course, I thought, and gently took them to the other side of my studio. As I sat them down on my worktable, a string of recently knotted green wool appeared and got in on the act. A little trio was born.

It's small, no more than 6 inches high, but it was made out of a powerful little burst of spontaneous creative energy.


  1. thats the way my work goes too..led by my "stuff"!x beautiful workx lynda


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