A Natural Place for Things

My husband and I are preparing ourselves for the arrival of my container of personal items from the U.S. ....about 40 boxes and several rooms worth of furniture.

Normally I would be stressed about this impending arrival. I would want the house to be completely uncluttered and organized and would be preparing to unpack every box, hang every picture and have everything in (almost) perfect order within a day.

This time, however, I'm feeling pretty relaxed about this process. 'Things' will find their way. They'll mingle and move. They'll find quiet little corners to rest for a while. They'll meet up with each other in unexpected ways, and 'his' space will become a little more 'my' space.

Mostly, though, I'm looking forward to the continued integration of 'our' space, and finding quiet cozy corners where he and I can simply be together.


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