A Little of This A Little of That

Truth be told, this is a neckpiece I did over last summer - not a direct product of me clearing out my studio the other day. She's been hanging around since I moved to England and she finally decided she needed to step out for her 'close up.'

Her more public persona helps inspire me as I work on more of her friends....grey silk chiffon cousin on the way......

I also owe my new found creative energy to the fact that I spent the entire of yesterday cleaning out and organizing our cellar (oh my). As I said to my husband, it's so interesting to look initially at a large overwhelming project and think "Oh my god this will never happen. It's too much", but once you ease your way into it and take it one step at a time things begin to take shape. The relationship to the project completely changes - you become a part of it instead of IT being the bully and you being the damsel in distress.

It's such a satisfying feeling to get over that hump and to look back at your accomplishment. I also love how doing a little of something seemingly un-creative, unleashes creative energy in other ways.

Thoughts to ponder in other areas of life......

silk charmeuse, silk chiffon, vintage jet beads, a sense of humour


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