Everything Old is New Again

I've taken scissors to a larger textile experiment that has been lying around for a couple of weeks. Trying as it might to 'be' as it was, it just wasn't feeling comfortable in itself. There was something a bit contrived in how I was trying to make it 'art.' (and no, it wasn't me beating myself up about it, it really was contrived...funny how we know the difference).

I find, under these circumstances, the best thing to do it cut it up. Gasp! How beastly! How drastic! Yep, but sometimes in order to shift energy you need to shake things up and let some light in. My project is now excited and at ease about it's new path and so am I.

Transformation happens when we are willing to allow change.

Life, like art, is sort of like that.


  1. So cool. And congrats on adding e-commerce to your blog. It looks great.


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