The Energy of Things

I've been away from my studio for several months now. Away from home, actually, while pending immigration issues needed to be managed.

It's strange to now come back afresh and to begin to set to work in a space that feels as if it's a bit of a stranger. I'll need to re-establish my relationship with the fabrics and tools awaiting me and I'll have to have some meaningful conversations with the work I left there. I wonder how my newly begun and interrupted projects did while I was away? Is the same idea still there? Or did the partially sewn silk chiffon change it's mind about the beads I chose? I'll need to put aside my need for order and control and listen to the space and its contents for further instructions. Stay tuned.


  1. Glad you are back. Can't wait to see what's to come.

  2. just saw your comment Lotta. Thank you! Glad to be back. I hope you are well.


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