Thursday, December 3, 2009

One Step at a Time

An idea is brewing. If I wrestle with it I can only move it along so far. It wants to bite back and then we get locked in a struggle; me pulling and squeezing and it planting it's heels in deep.

I've learned in these instances to release and move on to something else.

HA! Gotcha!

Idea has landed.


I'm headed in a design direction which really pleases me. I'm working with materials I love: silk and beads, and I'm interested in and challenged by the process of creating sculptural wearable pieces. Each step is a mystery and reveals what needs to happen next.

Sometimes I laugh, however, because what I see needs to happen next is that hundreds and hundreds of sterling silver seed beads need to be sewn on to my purposely wrinkled piece of silk.


Hey, don't question creativity.

Just get on with it.


It usually happens when we're not looking.
Sometimes it feels like we've been pushed off the high-diving board into the deep end.
Others it's simply as if we're floating - body and water are one.
We turn around and things are both the same and different.
We've changed but we're the same.
We've let life in.
Now we get to live it.