Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Still Here

A big move. A culture change. A new relationship. A shared space. A shift in context. Letting go of almost everything, yet trusting that the letting go will bring what is meant to be next. Anxieties that come in when you least expect them and bite you on the ass. Let them wash over......

Slowly but surely things begin to settle. The space simply takes work --one project at a time. The relationship takes patience and communication and the ability to remember how to play. Love needs trust to build the foundation and time to build the trust. A new rhythm shifts the dance from one done alone to one with a partner, even if sometimes you're both stepping on each other's toes!

My own work continues to grow even in the midst of upheaval. What appears does so because it needs to be. It can stay still and silent for only so long and then needs to speak, to sing, to dance, to play. I speak and sing and dance, and play along, too.