Friday, February 27, 2009

Where Soul Meets Body

It's the birth of a dream and the dream is you
Dug up from the earth
Through it
Of it

Rich soil between your fingers and your toes
The scent of the blossom as it explodes towards heaven

It's your place in the world
Your song to sing and dance with delight

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Near Kirkby Lonsdale

I was softened by the landscape.
Unfolded and unravelled amongst the limestone hills.

A tender piece of me left behind like
sheep's wool caught along the grass.

Earthy Longings

It must be said.
It must be written.
I need to be licked, or lightly bitten.

To bed to bed,
Clean sheets, naughty mind.
A partner between them,
We're two of a kind.

Roll me over in the clover.
Stroke me. Make me sigh.

Spring is near.
My heart is clear,
And so is my upper thigh.

Friday, February 20, 2009


You've now leapt and your heart has quickened. Feel it's beat. It's rhythm isn't just in your body but in everything you see and touch and move through.

Let your experience change you. Let it move in and shift the atmosphere, it's rising tide washing away debris that has collected randomly over a lifetime.

Let it scare the hell out of you.
Let it scare the hell out of everyone who thinks they know you.

You're not here anymore.

On the way to London

Thoughts come now - quickly I must write.
"Rachel Getting Married" - the movie on board flight.
It filled my head with wonder at the grace that must befall,
such a simple human heartbeat while one's back's against the wall.
We find our way through step by step,
As each heart beat sets it's pace.
A spark, a bud, a trickle - there really is no race.
So take your 'practiced powers' as Rilke writes with skill.
It's more than human wisdom.
More than mind at will.
Align yourself with God, my dear,
for life is very short.
Then joy will come to life, my dear,
to practice, like your art.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Getting to the branch

This morning as I was sitting and writing, a squirrel caught my eye. She was perched on the edge of a rooftop, across the street, clearly getting ready to jump onto a nearby branch. She had a direction in mind and needed to go that way -- now.

I could tell she was rapidly choosing between two options: A very sturdy, leafless branch; and about six feet to its left, a slightly less solid landing on a narrow, leafy, pliable one.

Now, normally, squirrels simply leap and go, so it was the hesitation that caused me to observe a little more closely. She was so ready to jump and yet knew that the jump was risky because both landings were further away than your everyday playful branch scurry.

She finally chose the leafy option, and when she leapt from the roof her entire body was thrown into the process. She hurled herself with every intention of reaching her destination. Each muscle strained towards the branch while she was in mid air.

I saw her land safely and go her merry way. Little did she know how her own jump held my lesson for the day.

We all have a destination and sometimes the next step looks a little bit risky. We simply, however, must go. We must take a deep breath and a leap.

Branch 'talisman': Adelaide Shalhope (Found branch, wool yarn, silk, cotton batting, seed beads, thread, citrine)

Photographs: Veselin Cuparic

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Remembrance of things past

A new friend of the blog wrote that she picked up on a 'new-Victoriana' vibe to my work. This really isn't intentional, but she's right.

I am definitely inspired by history, and certainly the Victorian era. Subconciously, my interest could stem from the fact that it was a time of political and social change for women.

Although I'm not making any kind of political statement in my designs, I am acknowledging our connection to the past.......

.....and honoring those women who came before us and 'created the thread' that allows us to speak with our own voices clearly and strongly.
Necklace: 19th c. black lace and jet beads, silk chiffon. Obi: cotton, silk charmeuse, 19th c. jet beads
Photographs: Veselin Cuparic

To hell with it

So what do you do when you've just spent entirely too much time and entirely too much effort trying to draw something a little different, a little out of your comfort zone and all that happens is that it sticks it's tongue out at you?

Tear it into pieces.....

Put on your best "I'm really a 4 year old" attitude.....

....take out a sharpie marker, and GO!

Sometimes a little rip and a tear and a sharpie marker and some 'devil may care' can do just the trick.

Ettore Sottsass has written about how he and his friends started the Memphis group - as an experiment, playing with colors and materials. They wanted to see how they could communicate how they were feeling.

He believes that we should experience the world more like children - through the senses rather than the mind. "What's truly important is to have an open mind and no borders. Then you can do almost anything."

Sounds good to me.

Like the moon rising

It's a silent walk in the woods or a peaceful stroll along the shore. It's seeing a beach stone or a bird in a tree. Something catches my eye. I'm connected.

It's a piece of my fabric sitting on the table, or a random group of beads in a bowl, waiting to 'become'........

.....and all of a sudden, like the moon rising from the sea, I see it and it needs to be.

photos: Veselin Cuparic