Several years ago I found myself at a crossroads. I needed fresh inspiration for my design work. I wanted to create something different from what I had been creating. I wanted to follow a new direction. My aesthetic was changing. I was changing. I went to London, where I will always go when I want to feel in 'my place' (one of several) and to feel instantly inspired. As I spent the week wandering about my favourite (sorry, had to inject a British spelling) shops, streets, and galleries I kept hearing the phrase "underwater."

I listen attentively to these subtle directives, because they are the 'silver threads.' This one led me to change my design work quite pointedly, and although I'm not going to show you my old work, this is a recent drawing (pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, graphite, gouache) which continues to inspire other pieces.

So, go to the places you love. Wander and listen.


  1. Adelaide, when i don't see you i forget how sensitive and réflective and what a wonderful creator you are. I know you do your work just for the sheer bliss of exploring and creating, but I hope that you also get the validation (I'm not sure where it would come from to be valuable to you, but wherever) that you so merit. You take my breath away. I miss you.


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