To hell with it

So what do you do when you've just spent entirely too much time and entirely too much effort trying to draw something a little different, a little out of your comfort zone and all that happens is that it sticks it's tongue out at you?

Tear it into pieces.....

Put on your best "I'm really a 4 year old" attitude.....

....take out a sharpie marker, and GO!

Sometimes a little rip and a tear and a sharpie marker and some 'devil may care' can do just the trick.

Ettore Sottsass has written about how he and his friends started the Memphis group - as an experiment, playing with colors and materials. They wanted to see how they could communicate how they were feeling.

He believes that we should experience the world more like children - through the senses rather than the mind. "What's truly important is to have an open mind and no borders. Then you can do almost anything."

Sounds good to me.