I've recently begun to 'recycle' old cashmere sweaters. Picture the above as a long sleeved, simple turtleneck sweater worn so much that there were holes under the arm. Throw it out? Give it to Goodwill? How silly. Cut off the sleeves. Cut up the middle, and sew small ties of black silk charmeuse, which can be un-tied if you wish.

Now, picture, if you will, a large man's crew-neck cashmere sweater. Your dad or your granddad may be wearing one right now while sitting in front of a fire smoking a pipe.

Now imagine cutting the sleeve to the elbow, cutting it up the front, and sewing the scraps on to the front to create 'ruffles'.

Oh, and don't forget the back.......

Okay, now we're getting a little tricky. Two cashmere sweaters. One very heavy ribbed Banana Republic turtleneck and the other a wrap around. Wash and dry them and ask them to dance together......

photos: Veselin Cuparic


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