Berries on a vine

A year ago, I took a full-time administrative job after working for years on my own to develop a custom textile accessories business. Clearly I don't have the long stretches of unstructured time as I used to, so I've adjusted my creative process to include drawing. I've found that putting pencil or pastel to paper allows an instant satisfaction, a relief almost, that I'm still able to create something even though I have less time.

One morning, on my walk to work, which I use as a time to connect with what's growing in my neighborhood, I heard the phrase "berries on a vine" and heard it several times over the next few days. I'd been working in pencil, for about a year, but for some reason the phrase 'berries on a vine' helped me move out of pencil and into pastel, oil pastel, charcoal, and walnut ink.


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